Sentence Examples with the word statehood

During the colonial period and the early years of statehood the legislature was composed of one house, but the bicameral system was adopted in the constitution of 1790.

The history of Mississippi may be divided into the period of exploration (154 1699), the period of French rule (1699-1763), the period of English rule (1763-1781), the period of Spanish rule (1781-1798), the territorial period (1798-1817), and the period of statehood (1817 seq.).

The history of North Carolina may be divided into four main periods: the period of discovery and early colonization (1520-1663); the period of proprietary rule (1663-1729); the period of royal rule (1729-1776); and the period of statehood (from 1776).

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THE DEMAND FOR BUNDELKHAND STATE, Today the demand for a separate BUNDELKHAND state is a burning issue in INDIA.The people of Bundelkhand region are demanding statehood for this region.Bundelkhand Akikrit party is struggeling for this demand.The Party Head SANJAY PANDEY organised many DHARNA and DEMONSTRATIONS in front of Indian parliament with thousands of supporters.

He began to take an active part in the movement for separate statehood for Kentucky, and in 1787 he entered into an irregular commercial agreement with the Spanish officials of Louisiana.