Sentence Examples with the word start

Within the week, the death-dealers stuck in the mortal realm could start collecting souls again.

Sometimes the winged females migrate from the plant they were born on to start fresh colonies on others often of quite a different kind.

With nine people in the dining room, there was too much distraction to start the orientation.

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In the end the Federals were sharply pursued, but McClellan had gained a long start and, fighting victoriously almost every day, at length placed himself in a secure position on the James, which was now patrolled by the Federal warships (June 26 - July I).

The artist must indeed start with imaginative types, revealed to him in visions or borrowed from current myths.

In January 1900 the Persian government, in order to pay the arrears and start afresh with a clear balance-sheet, contracted a loan through the Banque des Prts de Perse, a Russian institution connected with the Russian state bank, and established in 1890.

He is credited with having taken half the scholars and fellows of Winchester to Eton to start the school there.

Alex, Bill and Jonathan were examining a lawn mower that wouldn't start while Carmen and Katie were preparing the food.

They were overdue for a discussion, one she'd been unwilling to start but that he would see through.

You know, when I was down in that room losing my mind, you said something that made me start to see things differently.