Sentence Examples with the word staring

He lay staring at the ceiling for a time, attempting to push away the torment; it had gripped him so completely that resistance was futile.

The Prince had been staring hard at the girl on the bush.

A woman nearby was staring at her.

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Sirian bristled, staring the warrior down.

Jonathan froze, staring at it.

She was still staring at the doorway when Kris walked through.

Bianca was staring at him.

The highest-ranking military members and civilian staff members were crammed into the small center, staring at the scene on the screen before them.

Darian lay on his back staring at the ceiling with brooding golden eyes, his horribly scarred body hidden under turtleneck and gloves and socks, even in the safety of his room.

Kiera lay on the bed an hour after Evelyn left, staring at the white ceiling with its brightly corded edges.