Sentence Examples with the word stare

The Brains also brought technological advancement that-- A massive man passed her in the hall, and she stopped mid-thought to stare at him as he walked away.

She pulled it free, once again compelled to stare at the name written there.

It is probable that at an early period buildings sprang up in those parts of the present Stare mesto and Mala strana that are situated nearest to the banks of the river.

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Zeb shook the reins to rouse the cab-horse from his stupor of amazement, for the people were beginning to gather around and stare at the strangers.

He was met with a blank stare but kept going.

Katie turned to stare at the little boy, who beamed a smile.

He just smiled and waved, with his efforts earning a blank stare from the redhead.

The road rose, and she stopped at its peak to stare at the small village edging a wide bay below.

Alex continued to stare at Matthew.

She read, paced, and finally just lay down to stare at the ceiling until morning came.