Sentence Examples with the word stanza

Nabhaji had himself met Tulsi Das; but the stanza in praise of the poet gives no facts relating to his life.; these are stated in the Oka or gloss of Priya Das, who wrote in A.D.

Transposing verses 5, 6, and correcting their text, we see that the Jod stanza (verses 3, 4) precedes the Lamed (verses 6, 5), Caph having disappeared between them.

Iv., we notice several vestiges of an acrostic. The Aleph stanza (verses 7, 8) still precedes the Beth (verses 9, io), and the Ain is still quite clear (verses 17, 18; cf.

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In this domain the first place must be assigned to the splendid achievements of Raphael, whom the pope entrusted with new and comprehensive commissions - the Stanza dell' incendio, the Logge, and the tapestry-cartoons, the originals of the last named being now in London.

Gudrun is composed in stanzas similar to those of the Nibelungenlied, but with the essential difference that the last line of each stanza is identical with the others, and does not contain the extra accented syllable characteristic of the Nibelungen metre.

The battle is represented in Giulio Romano's fresco from Raphael's design in the Stanza dell' Incendio in the Vatican.

In the final stanza this changes, athough we do not find conventional poetic metaphor here, either.