Sentence Examples with the word standards

Authoritative standards and instruments for the measurement of electricity, based on the fundamental units of the metric system, have been placed in the Electrical Laboratory of the Board of Trade.

By its constitution of that year the English Church in South Africa adopts the laws and usages of the Church of England, as far as they are applicable to an unestablished church, accepts the three creeds, the ThirtyNine Articles, the Book of Common Prayer, the decisions of the undisputed general councils, the Authorized English Version of the Scriptures, disclaims the right of altering any of these standards of faith and doctrine, except in agreement with such alterations as may be adopted by a general synod of the Anglican Communion.

A large number of movements From the Notice issued by the Standards Department of the Board of Trade, by permission of the Controller of H.

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A potent force within me, stronger than the persuasion of my friends, stronger even than the pleadings of my heart, had impelled me to try my strength by the standards of those who see and hear.

There is nothing in the standards of the Presbyterian Church against liturgical worship.

In making such comparisons, it is always desirable, if possible, to select as standards longperiod gauges which are so situated that the short-period district lies.

The region of facts, the region of laws and the region of standards of value.

Raumer's style is direct, lucid and vigorous, and in his day he was a popular historian, but judged by strictly scientific standards he does not rank among the first men of his time.

If he appears unscrupulous and even treacherous he did but conform to the standards of 16th-century Italy.

No standards of weighing or measuring were known, but the parts of the body were the units, and money consisted in rare and durable vegetable and animal substances, which scarcely reached the dignity of a mechanism of exchange.