Sentence Examples with the word standardized

Through the adoption of standardized treaties, they can enter into economic agreements, adopt the same weights and measures, and agree to honor the intellectual property of the others.

A standardized solution of ammonium molybdate is then added from a burette.

Since Verdet's constant is somewhat uncertain for different batches of glass even of the same quality, each plate should be standardized in a field of known intensity.

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In treating an actual and present attack of asthma, it is advisable to give the standardized tincture of belladonna - unless expense is no consideration, in which case atropine may itself be used - in doses of twenty minims every quarter of an hour as long as no evil effects appear.

For the testing of the viscosity of lubricating oils the Boverton Redwood standardized viscometer is generally employed in Great Britain.

In due time the horse is bled, the serum is filtered free of blood corpuscles, and then constitutes the antitoxic serum, which can be standardized to a certain potency.

In 1905 was taken the first of a new series of special decennial censuses of manufactures, in which only true factoriesthat is, establishments producing standardized products intended for the general marketwere included, and mere neighborhood (local) establishments of the hand trades were excluded.

After a lot of work on your part, the U.S. government has standardized your widget, the C2000.

This bulwark against the encroachments of the Jesuits and the Reformed Church was standardized by the synod of Jerusalem in 1672.

The ferrocyanide solution is standardized by dissolving i gramme of pure zinc in 6 cc. of hydrochloric acid, adding ammonium chloride, and titrating as before.