Sentence Examples with the word stall

In the oldest form of this class of working, where the size of the pillar is equal to the width of the stall or excavation, about 4 of the whole seam will be removed, the remainder being left in the pillars.

In the next stall the goat was laying on her side, straining... could be a problem there.

He exited the stall and closed the gate, staring down at her defiantly.

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Casper stuck her head out of the stall and eyed Carmen with anticipation.

The dairy door groaned as she opened it and Ed whinnied from his stall in the barn.

In the stable a horse should always be provided with rock salt, and water to drink at will by means of some such stall fixture as the Mundt hygienic water-supply fittings.

Ignoring the hisses of the others, she locked herself in a bathroom stall and texted her boss, Dusty.

She opened the stall door to release Princess, Casper and Random in the pasture, and then saddled Ed.

She darted back to the kidding stall and knelt beside the goat again.

When she opened the barn door, the Appaloosa mare lifted her head over her stall and nickered.