Sentence Examples with the word stale

There was something very different about the human's blood, like comparing warm, homemade bread with stale crumbs out of the garbage.

Even the smoggy Los Angeles air outside had to be better than the stale air in the office.

It is important that no more should be supplied at a time than is necessary, as most animals rapidly foul their food, and except in a few special cases, wild animals are peculiarly liable to the evil results of stale or putrid substances.

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The copper tray hit the bottom of the can with a loud clatter, spewing ashes into the stale office air.

Prince Vasili always spoke languidly, like an actor repeating a stale part.

He disliked her smoking and the stale smell that always surrounded her like a bar room musk.

This feeling explains his detestation of foreign manners and superstitions, his loathing not only of inhuman crimes and cruelties but even of the lesser derelictions from selfrespect, his scorn of luxury and of art as ministering to luxury, his mockery of the poetry and of the stale and dilettante culture of his time, and perhaps, too, his indifference to the schools of philosophy and his readiness to identify all the professors of stoicism with the reserved and close-cropped puritans, who concealed the worst vices under an outward appearance of austerity.

Tilletia Tritici, bunt or stinking smut of wheat, is so-called because the bunted grain has a disagreeable odour of stale herrings.

She had enough for a month, but after a few days, she found herself wishing for real food instead of the stale bars.

I bet that will be as popular with the police as internal affairs or stale donuts.