Sentence Examples with the word stairwell

He found me crying in the stairwell one day and just took my arm and hauled me down to this little restaurant on Walnut.

They moved out of his way as he strode through the wide hallways to the stairwell leading to the top floor, Death's floor.

She watched from the stairwell as he entered one of the rooms, lining the hall.

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With her arm bleeding, she couldn.t risk drawing the attention of the Immortals by taking the front stairwell even to meet her sister.

She snatched her jacket and pulled it on as she raced down the stairwell and down the hall to the front door.

She watched him go, frowning when he turned left down the hall toward the front door rather than right to the stairwell or interior of the castle.

She stepped over the dead demon between her and the stairwell without looking directly at the bloody mess.

Xander knew the compound and ascended a narrow stairwell to the second floor.

He entered the castle, following the scents up the back stairwell that Katie alone used to avoid the other Immortals.

They spoke in German as they made their way down the narrow wooden stairwell to the packed bar.