Sentence Examples with the word stairway

The second is a chapel of two storeys, the lower dating from 1150, while the upper was rebuilt in the 15th century, and there is a rich Flamboyant entrance with a stairway (1533).

The foyer extended from the front door to the windows, with multiple hallways and a stairway running deeper into the place.

Well, inside that rock, which reaches up into the clouds, is an archway very much like the one we entered when we climbed the spiral stairway from the Valley of Voe.

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Our greatest Champion, Overman-Anu, once climbed the spiral stairway and fought nine days with the Gargoyles before he could escape them and come back; but he could never be induced to describe the dreadful creatures, and soon afterward a bear caught him and ate him up.

The long curving stairway invited and she ascended to the second floor.

As she descended the long stairway again, her palm caressed the smooth dark wood of the banisters.

A spiral stairway leads from the base of this pedestal to the torch.

I climbed the monument, counting the steps, and wondering as I went higher and yet higher if the soldiers had climbed this great stairway and shot at the enemy on the ground below.