Sentence Examples with the word stainless steel

A stainless steel sink was set into home made cabinets, whose cutting board top was marred with years of use.

The elevator door opened and he stepped inside, swallowed by its stainless steel walls.

After cleaning his water bowl out in the big stainless steel sink, she filled the bowl with water and set it on the floor near his food bowl.

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The death-dealer gave her another long look before she pointed to the stainless steel box at the end of the kitchen.

Adrienne grabbed a large stainless steel spoon from its hanger on the wall and primped at her distorted reflection.

Dusty shouted as a chunk of stone crushed a stainless steel cabinet.

She tossed the chopped lettuce into a large stainless steel bowl.

Dusty considered her before gazing back at the mutilated creature on top of the stainless steel lab counter.