Sentence Examples with the word stacked

She opened it and stacked the keys in it.

She had large brown eyes with thick black lashes and matching hair that was stacked becomingly on top of her head.

Sound friable loam cut one sod deep from the surface of a pasture, and stacked up for twelve months in a heap or ridge, is invaluable to the gardener.

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This one was the size of a small apartment, stacked ceiling to floor with bodies.

He knocked before opening her door and saw her wardrobe empty with clothes piled and stacked on the bed.

If she accepted, there was no going back, and she suspected Darian had already stacked the deck to win, whatever win meant to a wild man like him.

But no sooner did the herd, by some presumed wonderful instinct of the Sperm Whale, become notified of the three keels that were after them,--though as yet a mile in their rear,--than they rallied again, and forming in close ranks and battalions, so that their spouts all looked like flashing lines of stacked bayonets, moved on with redoubled velocity.

The water enters the pores of the wood (which should be placed with the butt end pointing up stream) and dissolves and forces out the sap. After about two weeks in this position it is taken out and stacked in open sheds to be dried in the natural way, or treated by warm air in special chambers.

She left the tack room door open while she stacked the newest delivery of hay.

Gabe paced as Tamer climbed a ladder to tablets stacked at the top of one limestone shelf.