Sentence Examples with the word stack

He stood near the windows and had in his arms a stack of clothing.

A stack of file folders was neatly arranged on one side, while a half-dozen pens, all facing in the same direction, were perfectly centered on the desk blotter.

He picked up Sunny and crossed to the kitchen to stack the plate high with cookies.

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An isolated portion, divided from the headland by a narrow chasm, is known as the Stack of Noup. Gentleman's Cave, 1 m.

She lifted a stack of papers and straightened them with a sharp rap on her mahogany desktop, deliberately ignoring his empty invitation.

A stack of books rested in front of her and she sipped a cup of black coffee.

Square, communicates with a stack 60 ft.

The dates a motor home made the trip in and out stack up perfectly.

As an auxiliary to air cooling the stack may be cooled by a slow stream of water trickling down the outside of the pipes, or, in certain cases, cold water may be injected into the condenser in the form of a spray, w here it meets the ascending vapours.

The ball game was a lapper and Dean began to pick over a stack of magazines in a rack by the sofa.