Sentence Examples with the word spots

Facing the crags on the south-west are the spots familiar to readers of The Heart of Midlothian, where stood Jeanie Deans's cottage, and between the crags and Arthur's Seat lies Hunter's Bog, used as a shooting range.

Before the close of 1610 the memorable cycle of discoveries begun in the previous year was completed by the observation of the ansated or, as it appeared to Galileo, triple form of Saturn (the ring-formation was first recognized by Christiaan Huygens in 1655), of the phases of Venus, and of the spots upon the sun.

The irregularities incidental to use of the spots are escaped by comparing the relative Doppler displacements of the same spectral line as given by the receding and advancing limbs of the sun.

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Cheetah.-Size of a small leopard and similar in colour, but has black spots in lieu of rings.

Ocellata, which grows to a length of 18 or 20 in., and is brilliantly green, ornamented with blue eye-like spots on the sides.

In length, it is blackish above, yellow below, often with small spots on the upper and the under surface.

The tubers frequently show scurfy or scab-like spots upon their surface, thus greatly depreciating their value for market purposes.

Coast of Norway: every ten to twelve years this flow appeared to reach a maximum and a graph of the variations showed a certain resemblance to the well-known graphs showing the numbers of spots on the sun from year to year.

With a combination of plates in plane-polarized and plane-analysed light the interference pattern with monochromatic light is generally very complicated, the dark curves when polarizer and analyser are crossed being replaced by isolated dark spots or segments of lines.

Large spots of blood puddled the tile in a dozen places.