Sentence Examples with the word sporophore

A simple sporophore may be merely a single short hypha, the end of which stops growing and becomes cut off as a conidium by the formation of a septum, which then splits and allows the conidium to fall.

Us to cases where the main mass of the sporophore forms a supporting tissue of closely crowded or interwoven hyphae, the sporogenous terminal parts of the hyphae being found at the periphery or apical regions only.

Most of Basidiomycetes are characterized by the large sporophore on which the basidia with its basidiospores are borne.

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The sporophore is obsolete when the spore-bearing hyphae are not sharply distinct from the mycelium, simple when the constituent hyphae are isolated, and compound when the latter are conjoined.

The simple sporophore does not necessarily terminate in conidia, however.

Hirneola (Auricularia) Auricula-Judae is the well-known Jew's Ear, so named from the resemblance of the sporophore to a human ear.