Sentence Examples with the word sponge

The dessert was an almond sponge studded with dark morello cherries in a sweet almond pastry base.

The deep bay in which Zakro lies is a well-known port of call for the fishing fleets on their way to the sponge grounds of the Libyan coast, and doubtless stood in the same stead to the Minoan shipping (D.G.Hogarth, Annual of the British School, vii.

Tobruk has long been the outlet for the trade of the oases which extend from Jarabub to Siwah, and are a stronghold of the Senussi order (see CYRENAlcA); and it is also the headquarters of the Libyan sponge fishery, prosecuted by Greeks.

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Most of the fishing boats, properly so called, start from the Adriatic coast, the coral boats from the western Mediterranean coast, and the sponge boats from the western Mediterranean and Sicilian coasts.

Generally it is either dried, after being separated from the wash water, by means of common salt, upon a layer of which the moist nitroglycerin is gently run and allowed to drain or filter through, or it is filtered through a mass of dry sponge or similar dry and porous material.

The waters of the Bahamas swarm with fish; the turtle procured here is particularly fine, and the sponge fishery is of importance.

The sand-hills are not inherently infertile; the soil never bakes, is always receptive of moisture, absorbing water like a sponge and holding it well.

Other marine forms are Rhizopoda (Rotalia and Textillaria), the sponge Amorphina, the Amphicteis worm, the molluscs Cardium edule and other Cardidae, and some Amphipods (Cumacea and Mysidae,), but they are forms which either tolerate variations in salinity or are especially characteristic of brackish waters.

For sponge fishing no accurate statistics are available before 1896; in that year 75 tons of sponges were secured, but there has been considerable diminution since, only 31 tons being obtained in 1902.

The sponge fisheries are of considerable importance.