Sentence Examples with the word spokesman

They began to amble away as a group while the spokesman opened the door of the mission for me.

He was elected to the states-general of 1789 by the noblesse of Paris, and was the spokesman of the minority of Liberal nobles who joined the Third Estate on the 25th of June.

All correspondence passed through his hands, he wrote all despatches, conducted the debates over which he presided, kept the minutes, drafted the resolutions, and was ex officio the leader and spokesman of the delegates who represented the Province of Holland in the States-General.

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The sole name he retained was Mick, the jolly outgoing spokesman for the group, who seemed to know all of the others.

During his administration even the secretary of state for foreign affairs, Baron Marschall von Bieberstein, and afterwards Count von Billow, became the ordinary spokesman of the government, and in the management of other departments the want of a strong hand at the head of affairs was often missed.

In 1650 he was appointed pensionary of Dort, an office which made him the leader and spokesman of the town's deputation in the state of Holland.

During the critical years of Mr Chamberlain's crusade (1903-1906) he made himself the chief spokesman of the Liberal party, delivering a series of speeches in answer to those of the tariff-reform leader; and his persistent following and answering of Mr Chamberlain had undoubted effect.

In the Upper House he was the spokesman of the gentry against the magnates, whose inordinate privileges he would have curtailed or abolished.

He became the leader and spokesman of the democratic party in the Connexion which claimed for the laity the free election of class-leaders and stewards, and equal representation with ministers at Conference.

The agriculture spokesman had dinner with the first senior senator to openly endorse the bill.