Sentence Examples with the word spoils system

Nevertheless, the distribution of offices under the so-called spoils system remains the most important ordinary function of the president, and the influence he exerts over Congress and legislation is due mainly to his patronage.

McBain's De Witt Clinton and the Origin of the Spoils System in New York (New York, 1907).

In January 1843 Green established in New York City a short-lived journal, The Republic, to combat the spoils system and to advocate free trade.

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Although defeated in the mayoralty election, his work on behalf of the merit system, as opposed to the spoils system of politics, was such that he was made a Civil Service commissioner - probably the last office a politician would wish to hold who desired further promotion, for the conflict which a Civil Service commissioner must have with members of Congress and other party leaders on questions of patronage is usually, or, at any rate, has been in the past history of American politics, inevitably detrimental to further official advancement.