Sentence Examples with the word spoiled

No. As a matter of fact, you've spoiled us both and we'll never be able to get along with our present housekeeper again.

Near Wrexham, but in a detached portion of Flintshire, to the S.E., is Bangor-is-coed (Bangor yn Maelor), the site of the most ancient monastery in the kingdom, founded before r80; some 1200 monks were slain here by IEthelfrith of Northumbria, who also spoiled the monastery.

Yes, she may be a vampire and she may be a spoiled brat, but she has the purest soul I have ever known.

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You're parents have spoiled you rotten with fine clothes and a cushion job.

Often when I discuss this idea with people, they bring up an objection I have come to call The Spoiled Rich Kid Problem.

Their ambition is to rank as a civilized state, and the flattery lavished on them by their teachers has spoiled them.

Elected king of Denmark and Norway, he suc ceeded in subduing Sweden by force of arms; but he spoiled everything at the culmination of his triumph by the hideous crime and blunder known as the Stockholm massacre, which converted the politically divergent Swedish nation into the irreconcilable foe of the unional government (see Christian Ii.).

Many plants, and as the esters of n-hexyl and n-octyl alcohols in the seeds of Heracleum giganteum, and in the fruit of Heracleum sphondylium, but is generally obtained, on the large scale, from the oxidation of spoiled wines, or from the destructive distillation of wood.

He was not petted and spoiled like many other princes.

This solution was spoiled by the impatience of Garibaldi and the supineness of the Romans themselves.