Sentence Examples with the word splattered

He let out a primordial scream and threw the glass of blood at the painting with so much force, the crystal shattered and blood splattered crimson all over the painting and wall.

Rain splattered hard against his windows, drawing his gaze to the windows.

Blood splattered her as someone dropped from the cot beside her to the floor.

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The walls and floor of the hallway were splattered with blood, the bodies of the newly killed still kicking.

Darian was in the shadows, dressed in his workout gear, splattered with blood.

The maid dropped silently, her nose busted and blood splattered across her features.

Brady peeled off the top of his suit, drenched in sweat and splattered with blood.

The sound of a laser gun went off, and warm blood splattered her.

Warmth splattered her face as he continued to slam his fist into the hole.

There were handprints on the windows, as if someone had tried to escape, and blood splattered on the ceiling and the walls.