Sentence Examples with the word spitting

There was a gurgle in his throat and he was spitting blood.

Once, when berrying, I met with a cat with young kittens in the woods, quite wild, and they all, like their mother, had their backs up and were fiercely spitting at me.

Ashley was a spitting image of her mother: brown curls, blue-gray eyes, a willowy, graceful body.

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The diseases for which it was chiefly taken were malarial fever, dysentery, diarrhoea, spitting of blood, rheumatism and elephantiasis.

The special implication of the lungs as shown by spitting of blood and other symptoms. Guy de Chauliac notes this feature in the earlier epidemic at Avignon, not in the later.

It rang loudly in the hall, a rap song spitting F-bombs that made her eyebrows rise.