Sentence Examples with the word spiritual world

She felt that a different world had now taken possession of her--the life of a world of strenuous and free activity, quite opposed to the spiritual world in which till now she had been confined and in which her greatest comfort had been prayer.

Swedenborg discards a physical resurrection, as at death the eyes of men are opened to the spiritual world in which we exist now, and they continue to live essentially as they lived here, until by their affinities they are drawn to heaven or hell.

Apparently his relation to Israel did not cease with death, as he was to be their intercessor in the spiritual world (xii.

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The revulsion of feeling after the witchcraft delusion undermined his authority greatly, and Robert's Calef's More Wonders of the Spiritual World (1700) was a personal blow to him as well as to his son.

From God emanates a divine sphere, which appears in the spiritual world as a sun, and from this spiritual sun again proceeds the sun of the natural world.

The world is a scene of corruption, its evils are irremediable, its end is nigh, and the advent of the new and spiritual world at hand The first to draw attention to the composite elements in this book was Kabisch (Jahrbiicher f.

The custom is common among several savage races, and these women, represented in the spiritual world by Fata, bequeath to us the French fee, in the sense of fairy.

SPIRITUALISM, a term used by philosophical writers to denote the opposite of materialism, and also used in a narrower sense to describe the belief that the spiritual world manifests itself by producing in the physical world effects inexplicable by the known laws of nature.

Philosophy alone sees God revealing Himself in the ideal organism of thought as it were a possible deity prior to the world and to any relation between God and actuality; in the natural world, as a series of materialized forces and forms of life; and in the spiritual world as the human soul, the legal and moral order of society, and the creations of art, religion and philosophy.

Nature and mind in the Hegelian system - the external and the spiritual world - have the same origin, but are not co-equal branches.