Sentence Examples with the word spirited

Not but what, when the high gods are kind for a consideration, the lower deities will likewise be found addicted to such commerce; thus in India the hedge-priest and his familiar will bandy conditions in spirited dialogue audible to the multitude (cf.

Parliament had in1513-1515showed signs of strong anti-clerical feeling; Wolsey had in the latter year urged its speedy dissolution, and had not called another; and he probably hoped to distract attention from the church by a spirited foreign policy, as Henry V.

For delicate and spirited execution, together with refined gracefulness of design, it is unsurpassed by any similar work of art.

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The spirited overthrow of the Hyksos ushered in the glories in arms and arts which marked the New Empire.

In August 1771 Governor Tryon was succeeded by Governor Josiah Martin, who was soon engaged in spirited controversies with the assembly on questions pertaining to taxes, the southern boundary, and the attachment of property belonging to nonresidents.

At the same instant the sun came fully out from behind the clouds, and the clear sound of the solitary shot and the brilliance of the bright sunshine merged in a single joyous and spirited impression.

Another MS. of the same century has a picture - crude, but spirited - which brings us into close touch with the existing game.

William's account of his impressions is spirited and interesting.

This spirited policy restored the waning prestige of the Hat party and firmly established their anti-Muscovite system.

We do not even know the date of the spirited terra-cotta reliefs discovered by Loftus and Rawlinson.