Sentence Examples with the word spectroscopic

On the 18th of May 1866 he made the first spectroscopic examination of a temporary star (Nova Coronae), and found it to be enveloped in blazing hydrogen.

Lord Rayleigh, to whom we owe the first general discussion of the theory of the spectroscope, found by observation that if two spectroscopic lines of frequencies n1 and n, are observed in an instrument, they are just seen as two separate lines when the centre of the central diffraction band of one coincides with the first minimum intensity of the other.

A list of spectroscopic binaries discovered up to 1905 is given in Lick Observatory Bulletin, No.

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It was discovered in 1861 by Sir William Crookes, who, during a spectroscopic examination of the flue-dust produced in the roasting of seleniferous pyrites occurring at Tilkerode in the Harz, observed a green line foreign to all then known spectra.

Magnetic, meteorological, and spectroscopic departments were added to the establishment; electricity was employed, through the medium of the chronograph, for the registration of transits; and photography was.

The difficulty that a number of spectroscopic lines seem to involve at least an equal number of electrons may be got over by imagining that the atom may present several positions of equilibrium to the electron, which it may occupy in turn.

In 1861, while conducting a spectroscopic examination of the residue left in the manufacture of sulphuric acid, he observed a bright green line which had not been noticed previously, and by following up the indication thus given he succeeded in isolating a new element, thallium, a specimen of which was shown in public for the first time at the exhibition of 1862.

When kathode rays strike certain substances, they emit a phosphorescent light, the spectroscopic investigation of which shows interesting effects which are important especially as indicating the influence of slight admixtures of impurities on the luminescence.

Details of the calculated orbits of 63 spectroscopic binaries are given in Publications of the Alleghany Observatory, vol.

Up to 1905, 140 spectroscopic binaries had been discovered; a list of these is given in the Lick Observatory Bulletin, no.