Sentence Examples with the word spectacular

Unlike most first-time riders of this spectacular road, she didn't shudder; instead she leaned far over for a better view, rattling a litany of praises.

It was just as spectacular as those on earth, a brilliant mix of pinks, oranges, burnt yellows, reds, and purples.

Was an invitation to wealthy competitors from every part of the Hellenic world, and was also the recognition of a popular or spectacular element, as distinct from the skill which had a merely athletic or military interest.

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Ridgway, a few more miles away from the backdrop of mountains, provided a spectacular view.

Our spectacular triumph was the return of an infant from a small Texas hospital.

And the Ouray County scenery, regardless of the season, always provided a spectacular backdrop to any enterprise.

The wild flowers are spectacular in Yankee Boy Basin and with this weather, we'll have the place to ourselves.

There is much in the imperial and papal histories that is merely spectacular and romantic; much that appeals to the imagination and lends itself to myth; and since the sources are abundant - the papal archives inexhaustible and the German chronicles easily accessible - an undue emphasis has been placed upon them.

Innovative locals, resting in the doldrums of off-season winter, noticed that when the large, ancient pipe leaked, escaping water coated the high walls of the gorge in spectacular ice.

There were a number of different routes, but the Deans chose the two-mile town site loop, a nearly flat path that first traversed a scented pine forest and then opened to a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains.