Sentence Examples with the word speckled

It is of a translucent greyish colour, speckled with brown and closely resembles the sand in which it lives.

The nest is a neat structure of coarse grass and moss, mixed with earth, and plastered internally with mud, and here the female lays from four to six eggs of a blue colour speckled with brown.

The valley was speckled with healthy Angus cattle.

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There are a few speckled trout in the mountain streams, but the commoner fish are bass, perch, catfish, crappies, pike, drum buffalo, carp, suckers and eels.

The Radnor is short-limbed and low-set with speckled face and legs.

The speckled trout, which abounds in nearly all of the mountain streams and lakes, is the principal game fish.

Its plumage for the most part is of a pale buff colour, rayed and speckled with black and reddish brown.

The pito is a brown speckled creeper which flutters about the rocks.

It would also seem that during the breeding-season many of them are wholly nocturnal in their habits, passing the day in holes of the ground, or in clefts of the rocks, in which they generally nestle, the hen of each pair laying a single white egg, sparsely speckled in a few species with fine reddish dots.

The lightest of the monumental stone quarried at Quincy is called gold-leaf; it is bluish-green gray, speckled with black and light yellow brown.