Sentence Examples with the word specifications

The process is conceived as an infinite series of variations or specifications of one primitive and common type.

Only more recently the manufacture of caustic soda by electrolysis has also been established as a permanent and paying industry, but as the greatest secrecy is maintained in everything belonging to this domain, and as neither patent specifications nor the sanguine assertions and anticipations of interested persons throw much real light on the actual facts of the case, nothing certain can be said either in regard to the date at which the profitable manufacture of caustic soda was first carried out by electrolysis, or as to what extent this is the case at the present moment.

I can find objective information and detailed specifications about almost any product online, up to and usually including the operation manuals.

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In German specifications it is required that the steelwork should first receive a coat of boiled linseed oil, in order that the red lead coating should be more coherent with the steel.