Sentence Examples with the word specifically

Of foxes certainly distinct specifically from the typical representative of the group, one of the best known is the Indian Vulpes bengalensis, a species much inferior in point of size to its European relative, and lacking the strong odour of the latter, from which it is also distinguished by the black tip to the tail and the pale-coloured backs of the ears.

The law provides specifically as to the investment of deposits made in savings banks with the evident purpose of providing the greatest possible security to depositors.

When, then, Basilides identified the highest angel of the seven, the creator of the worlds, with the God of the Jews, this is a development of the idea which did not occur until late, possibly first in the specifically Christian circles of the Gnostics.

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C. 14, known as the Pleuro-pneumonia Act 1890, which transferred the powers of local authorities to slaughter and pay compensation in cases of pleuro-pneumonia to the Board of Agriculture, and provided further for the payment of such compensation out of money specifically voted by parliament.

Affo; Welsh epa; Old Bohemian op; a word of uncertain origin, possibly an imitation of the animal's chatter), the generic English name, till the 16th century, for animals of the monkey tribe, and still used specifically for the tailless, manlike representatives of the order Primates.

Parliament branded him as a pirate and excluded him specifically from future amnesty.

It is not in the East so specifically a eucharistic vestment as in the West, but is worn at other solemn functions besides the liturgy, e.g.

The monarch was specifically now a sovereign over-lord, but he had not been absolved from his obligations towards his subjects.

The provincial council has powers of legislation on subjects specifically assigned to it by the Act of Union and on subjects delegated to it by the Union Parliament.

Powers not specifically referred to remain with the states, and if the national government wishes to claim any particular power, it must show affirmatively that that power has been granted to it by the Constitution.