Sentence Examples with the word special act

The marriage, which had not been consummated, was dissolved by a special act of parliament.

Of the two chief cities, Cleveland (under a special act providing for the government of Columbus and Toledo, also) in1892-1902was governed under the federal plan, which centralized power in the hands of the mayor; in Cincinnati there was an almost hopeless diffusion of responsibility among the council and various executive boards.

In 1854 it would have lapsed to the British government for want of direct heirs, but was conferred on Jagat Raj as a special act of grace.

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This signified particularly that when the king intervened directly in the administration proper, or in the administration of justice, by a special act of his will, he could decide without heeding the laws, and even in a sense contrary to the laws.

Corporations cannot be created by a special act of the legislature, and no corporation may issue stock except for an equivalent value of money, labour or property.

He challenged the legality of Horne's consecration, and a special act of parliament was passed to meet the point, while the charge against Bonner was withdrawn.

If this open space was from the earliest times attached to the city there would be no Origin of need when it was built upon for any special act to be the passed for its inclusion in London.

His original term of five years would have expired in 1778; but it was annually prolonged by special act of parliament until his voluntary resignation.