Sentence Examples with the word spat

The weapons are the spat ha, or double-bladed German sword, the sax (a short sword, or long knife, semispathium), the knife, shield, and the favorite German axe, though this latter is not found in Bavaria.

Huxley's conclusions as regards the future of the oyster industry in Great Britain are doubtless just as applicable to other countries - that the only hope for the oyster consumer lies in the encouragement of oyster-culture, and in the development of some means of breeding oysters under such conditions that the spat shall be safely deposited.

The guard beside Allin nearly spat the words.

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But there was more than this: the order about the shovel was almost as plainly meant to sting and insult Steelkilt, as though Radney had spat in his face.

The natural beds from which the supply of spat is derived are reserved, but apparently are insufficiently protected, so that much poaching goes on.

The countess, with a cheerful expression on her face, looked down at her nails and spat a little for luck as she returned to the drawing room.

This would be merely carrying oyster culture a step farther back, and instead of collecting the newly fixed oysters, to obtain the free larvae in numbers and so insure a fall of spat independently of the uncertainty of natural conditions.

Before Connor had spat out the itch in bitch, Jackson was across the room and had picked him up by the throat.

In length, which size is attained in three years after the spat or young mussel has fixed itself.

He spat a stream of brown fluid at the ground and grinned at her.