Sentence Examples with the word spare

Mehemet Ali and his son Ibrahim Pasha were, however, now committed to their conflict with Turkey for Syria and Asia Minor, and had no troops to spare for the thankless task of holding the Arabian deserts; the garrisons were gradually withdrawn, and in 1842 Fesal, who had escaped from his prison at Cairo reappeared and was everywhere recognized as amir.

Yully trotted up to her wing and pulled a spare blanket out of the main linen closet.

They spare neither pains nor money in acquiring specimens, even from distant lands, to which they often send out expert collectors at their own expense.

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The fact was kept secret in later years in order to spare the feelings of Theodora Cowper, who thought that her cousin had remained as faithful as she had done to their early love.

Taking into account the whole system (including spare plant of all kinds), the capital expenditure per station (i.e.

He found his professorial duties increasingly irksome, and feeling that the pressure of literary work left him no spare energy, he decided in 1880 to resign the post.

I do not see how he can ever die; Nature cannot spare him.

I will not spare my enemies, and you are my enemy.

Thenceforward for two years his advocacy of the cause of Socialism absorbed not only his spare time, but the thought and energy of all his working hours.

Conscious that he must spare his small force as much as possible, he abstained from such vigorous attacks as he had made in 1672 and 1673.