Sentence Examples with the word span

It is chiefly characterized by the almost universal employment of the pointed arch, not only in arches of wide span such as those of the nave arcade, but for doorways and windows.

In narrow ravines a bridge of one span may be rolled out, if the projecting end is supported on a temporary suspension cable anchored on each side.

From one stage to another, fabrics, forms and motives of decoration develop gradually; so that, at the close of a span of more than two thousand years, at the least, the influences of the beginning can still be clearly seen and no trace of violent artistic intrusion can be detected.

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Such a bridge was the Wearmouth bridge, designed by Rowland Burdon and erected in 1793-1796, with a span of 235 ft.

Bridge over the Seine has fifteen steel ribs hinged at crown and springings with a span of 353 ft.

This gives a load of 50 tons per eccentric. One motor is placed at each end of the span to operate the eccentrics and also to release the latches and raise the rails of the steam track.

Excellent suspension bridges span some of the larger rivers, made of interlaced rattan ropes secured to trees on opposite banks, so very similar to those seen in Sumatra as to suggest some Malay influence.

The main span weighed 1629 tons, the side spans 154 and 166 tons (Buck, Proc. Inst.

The holes are so placed that the log-ship will hang square from the span thus formed.

The cost of abutments and bridge flooring is practically independent of the length of span adopted.