Sentence Examples with the word spacious

This is a lovely home so spacious and nicely decorated.

The palace of the bishops of Durham, which stands at the northeast end of the town, is a spacious and splendid, though irregular pile.

The portion now inhabited by the archbishops was erected in 1834 and fronts a spacious quadrangle.

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There are, however, numerous spacious harbours, especially on the eastern coast, which are referred to in the detailed articles dealing with the different states.

On examining more minutely the course of the development, it is found that the ovum goes through the usual process of cleavage, always total and regular in this group, and so gives rise to a hollow sphere or ovoid with the wall composed of a single layer of cells, and containing a spacious cavity, the blastocoele or segmentation-cavity.

Until far on in the 18th century the malarial jungle and paddy fields closely hemmed in the European mansions; the vast plain (maiddn), now covered with gardens and promenades, was then a swamp during three months of each year; the spacious quadrangle known as Wellington Square was built upon a filthy creek.

It is better developed and more spacious in Lingula than in Discinisca.

The Genoese were established in the spacious quarter of Galata and threatened to absorb the trade of the Levant.

Its commanding position at the head of the Gulf of Quarnero, and spacious new harbour works, as also its immediate connexions with both the Austrian and Hungarian railway systems, render it specially advantageous as a commercial port.

There was something in this external dignity which went with Burke's imperious spirit, his spacious imagination, his turn for all things stately and imposing.