Sentence Examples with the word spaced

P. Sladen, who divided the Euasterida into two orders: (I) Phanerozonia, with marginals large and highly developed, the supero-marginals and inferomarginals contiguous, with papulae confined to the dorsal surface, with ambulacrals well spaced and usually broad, adambulacrals prominent in the mouth-skeleton, with pedicellariae sessile; (2) Cryptozonia, with marginals inconspicuous and somewhat atrophied in the adult, the supero-marginals separated from the inferomarginals by intercalated plates, with papulae distributed over the whole body, with ambulacrals crowded and narrow, either ambulacrals or adambulacrals prominent in the mouth-skeleton, with pedicellariae stalked or sessile.

Further, the trabeculae may be evenly spaced throughout the septum, or may be grouped together, and this feature is probably of value in estimating the affinities of corals.

The stage upon which we will fix our attention is that where the one procession bisects the intervals between the other, so that a new simple procession is constituted, containing the same number of members as before the insertion of the plate, but now spaced at intervals only half as great.

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The ropes are spaced laterally by the blocks B, B, B, B, which also serve to prevent them from slipping sideways.

Small tables seating four were well spaced for privacy, with candles lighting each table and an assortment of flatware she'd never seen before.

The curve BPC is generally used with the abscissae spaced more conveniently for practical applications, and a modification of the diagram by J.

The secondary pulses diverted by the ruling fall upon an object-glass as usual, and on arrival at the focus constitute a procession equally spaced in time, the interval between consecutive members depending upon the obliquity.

The lap is taken to the filling engine, which is similar in construction and appearance to the opener as far as the feeding arrangements are concerned, but the drum, in place of being entirely covered with fine steel teeth, is spaced at intervals of from 5 to to in.

Steel-rolled joists, spaced 3 ft.

At the centre, spaced by distance pieces nibbed into the plates at the centre and by rollers at the ends.