Sentence Examples with the word soviet

Imagine if someone had come to you on January 1, 1991, and said, Before the end of the year, the Soviet Union will vote itself into nonexistence and peacefully break into fifteen republics.

There was exemplary punishment of the printers who dared defy the Soviet government.

I 191 he was People's Commissary for Foreign Affairs in the Soviet Republic, and after its fall he found refuge in Austria (see Hungary).

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The Communists aimed at a dictatorship of the proletariat, the creation of workmen's and military councils and a close handin-hand cooperation with Soviet Russia.

In support of this perspective, similarities have been drawn between the basket of economic rights proposed by Roosevelt and those guaranteed in the constitution of the Soviet Union at the time.

In the autumn of 1921 he undertook the general supervision of relief work in Russia, first having exacted, as a condition, the release of all American prisoners held by the Soviet authorities.

This Committee consists of 75 members, sending representatives to Moscow to the meetings of the Central Committee of the All-Russian Federation of Soviet Republics, but the Turkestan Republic showed itself very little inclined to accept the control which the Central Committee at Moscow endeavoured to maintain.

But a year later he acquiesced in the establishment of a Labour council of action, and in the threat of a general strike in case of any military or naval intervention against the Soviet Government of Russia.

In adventures in Asia Minor, He was reported in x920-21 to have been employed at Moscow as director of the Asiatic department in the Soviet Government, and to have posed at the Baku Congress of Oriental Peoples as the leader of a great Socialist movement in the middle east and north Africa.

It was used in 1967 for the first time during the six-day Egypt-Israel War, when Soviet and U.S. officials kept each other informed of their actions relating to this conflict, lest anything be misinterpreted by the other party.