Sentence Examples with the word southeast

In 1046, and again in 1061, two dangerous pagan risings shook the very foundations of the infant church and state; the western provinces were in constant danger from the attacks of the acquisitive emperors, and from the south and southeast two separate hordes of fierce barbarians (the Petchenegs in 1067-1068, and the Kumanians in 1071-1072) burst over the land.

Two miles southeast of this lake, at North Elba, is the old farm of the abolitionist John Brown, which contains his grave and is much frequented by visitors.

Stay away from the southeast and northwest street corners.

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From the Maloja Pass the main watershed dips to the southeast for a short distance, and then runs eastwards and nearly over the highest summit of the Bernina group, the Piz Bernina (13,304 ft.), to the Bernina Pass.

The extreme source of the Beni is the little river La Paz, which rises in the inter-Andean region, a few miles southeast of Lake Titicaca, and flows as a rivulet through the Bolivian city of La Paz.

In the south are flat, fertile and thickly wooded plains, which give place to jungle at the foot of the hills of Dar Nuba, the district forming the southeast part of Kordofan.

The Holy See, jealous of the growing power of the house of Luxemburg, attempted to set aside the decrees of the congress of Visegred, by urging Casimir to take up arms against the knights once more; but Casimir prudently refrained from hostilities, and ultimately compensated himself in the southeast for his losses in the north.

For example, the sub-species cenea which occurs in south and southeast Africa not only has the form cenea mimicking two Danaines, Amauris echeria and A.

Along the Sierra Baguales, thence south and southeast to the 52nd parallel, crossing several streams and following the crests of the Cerro Cazador.

Traces of a large Roman camp may still be seen to the southeast of Wiveliscombe (Wellescombe, Wilscombe, Wiviscombe), which is near the line of a Roman road, and hoards of Roman coins have been discovered in the neighbourhood.