Sentence Examples with the word south dakota

The first authentic explorations in what is now South Dakota were made by the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804 and 1806.

The climate of South Dakota is of a continental type.

In 1890 the mileage of South Dakota was 2610 m., in 1900, 2961 m., and in 1909, 3776 m.

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Manufacturing in South Dakota is of little importance and is confined chiefly to articles for home consumption.

In the intermediate section of the plains, between latitudes 44 and 42, including southern South Dakota and northern Nebraska, the erosion of certain large districts is peculiarly elaborate, giving rise to a minutely dissected form, known as bad lands, with a relief of a few hundred feet, This is due to several causes: first, the dry climate, which prevents the growth of a grassy turf; next, the fine texture of the Tertiary strata in the had land districts; and consequently the success with which every little nIl, at times of rain, carves its own little valley.

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For example, the famous bone-beds of the Oligocene of South Dakota have been analysed by W.

In national politics South Dakota has been consistently Republican, except in the election of 1896, when, as a result of the hard times which followed the panic, the Populists and Democrats were able to form a coalition and carry the state for William J.

Finally, of true lignite beds, or of lignite mix d with sub-bituminous qualities, the states of North Dakota, Montana, Texas and South Dakota are credited with deposits of 500,000; 279,500; 23,000; and 10,000 millions of tons respectively.

The fifth project, the Bowman, was to irrigate 10,000 acres in North Dakota and the northwestern part of South Dakota by storing the waters of the North Fork of Grand river.