Sentence Examples with the word source

If the source of power lies neither in the physical nor in the moral qualities of him who possesses it, it must evidently be looked for elsewhere--in the relation to the people of the man who wields the power.

If the sources of energy within the atom can be drawn upon, and the phenomena of radio-activity leave no doubt about this, there is here an incalculable source of heat which takes the cogency out of any other calculation respecting the sources maintaining the sun's radiation.

Both schemes appeared practically impossible; potassium cost about L 1 7 per lb, gave a very small yield and was dangerous to manipulate, while on the other hand, the only source of electric current then available was the primary battery, and zinc as a store of industrial energy was utterly out of the question.

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One of his lost works is the principal source of the erudition of Isidore of Seville (d.

Its true source is in some small lakes near the head of the Fra g ile glen, but its volume is increased by the union with several smaller streams, near the town of Bormio, at the Raetian Alps.

The method consists in comparing the intensity after transmission through a layer of known thickness of the absorbent with the intensity of light from the same source which has not passed through the medium, k being thus obtained for various thicknesses and found to be constant.

The sick are a source of danger and one means of dissemination, and, since the illness may be so slight as to pass unrecognized, an obviously insidious one.

Neither of these passages would fit the prose romance, as we know it, but both might well suit the lost French source of the Lanzelet; where we are in a position to compare the German versions of French romances with their originals we find, as a rule, that the translators have followed their source faithfully.

Opening her eyes, she hesitated and moved away from the car in the direction of the source of the memories.

The others, one's neighbors, le prochain, as you and Princess Mary call it, are the chief source of all error and evil.