Sentence Examples with the word sour

Fritz shot her a sour look.

He examined the yeasts under the microscope, and at once saw that the globules from the sound beer were nearly spherical, whilst those from the sour beer were elongated; and this led him to a discovery, the consequences of which have revolutionized chemical as well as biological science, inasmuch as it was the beginning of that wonderful series of experimental researches in which he proved conclusively that the notion of spontaneous generation is a chimera.

Alex gave him a sour look.

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The lactic acid bacilli are given either in the form of tablets or milk soured by them, or cheese made from the sour milk.

Dulce remained in a sour mood, and left the group as soon as possible.

She slid down the rock and joined them, casting a sour look at Bordeaux as she brushed by him.

It's all sour grapes.

Mary fled 60 miles from the field of her last battle before she halted at Sanquhar, and for three days of flight, according to her own account, had to sleep on the hard ground, live on oatmeal and sour milk, and fare at night like the owls, in hunger, cold and fear.

Allen gave her a sour look.

When on service he used the mean fare of the common private, dining on salt pork, cheese and sour wine.