Sentence Examples with the word soundly

The theory of successive formations was soundly developing in the treatises of John Woodward (1665-1728) in England, of Antonio Vallisnieri (1661-1730) in Italy, and of Johann Gottlob Lehmann (d.

Whether this view is soundly based is discussed below; the fact remains, however, that a tapeworm is, with few and rare exceptions, not directly comparable at all points with a liver-fluke or indeed with any other organism.

Dean had no alternative but to force her hands away and flip her from him, onto her back, reversing their positions in a single thrust that caused her to loudly gasp as she landed soundly on her back, Dean now above her.

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In a dignified speech he bade farewell to those about him, and then retiring to rest slept soundly for some hours.

But meeting his old enemy Beauregard in one of the minister's rooms and making an offensive remark, he was waylaid by Beauregard some time after in a less privileged place and soundly beaten.

He considered fighting the hunger, not wanting to disturb Elisabeth who slept soundly with her head on his chest.

Recantation of his aspersions on Peter, giving as a reason that he had been soundly scourged by angels during the preceding night.

When he entered the House of Commons, he found himself a member of a small and discouraged minority, who had been soundly beaten at the general election, mainly on the issues of tariff reform, Chinese labour in the Transvaal, and religious education.

Only baby Claire who slept soundly in her file cabinet crib was truly content.

Nevertheless, even the combative Wallqvist was appalled when on the 16th of February 1789 the king privately informed him that he meant on the following day soundly to trounce the Estate of Nobles in the presence of the three other estates and bend them to his royal will.