Sentence Examples with the word sortie

Probably to cheer the men by a semblance of activity, Marshal Bazaine attempted a sortie on a large scale on the 1st of October in the direction of Ladorchamps,, and fighting continued into the 2nd, but without prospect of success, and the profound depression following on defeat sent up the sick list rapidly.

But a sortie of the garrison of Astrakhan drove back the besiegers; 15,000 Russians, under Knes Serebianov, attacked and scattered the workmen and the Tatar force sent for their protection; and, finally, the Ottoman fleet was destroyed by a storm.

Boyovic now took command of the besieging army, but there was considerable dissension between him and Vukotic. On April 16, however, the Serbian troops suddenly left Scutari, and the Montenegrins took over the whole line, under violent artillery fire from the Turks, who, however, made no attempt at a sortie against the thin line of the besiegers.

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On the 21st of August, while the Indians were demoralized by a sortie from the garrison, the town was evacuated, and the inhabitants made a 1 The exact date of the founding of Santa Fe is not known, but the best opinion has fixed the date between 1604 and 1608, and favours the year 1605.

According to Josephus, Titus decided to spare the Temple, but - whether this was so or not - on the 10th of August it was fired by a soldier after a sortie of the Jews had been repelled.

Unfortunately, after Toulouse had fallen, the Allies and French, in a sortie from Bayonne on the 14th of April, each lost about 1000 men: so that some io,000 men fell after peace had virtually been made.

During those two months every device was employed, by direct assault and by mining operations, to reduce the garrison, who held out nobly, meeting assault with sortie and mine with countermine.

Under their direction steady advance was made on the side which Bonaparte saw to be all important; a sortie of part of the British, Spanish and Neapolitan forces on the 30th of November was beaten back with loss, General O'Hara, their commander, being severely wounded and taken prisoner.