Sentence Examples with the word sorcery

Let me see you equal the sorcery I am about to perform.

Or sorcery is blasting the happiness of the suppliant (see Hastings's Dict.

Superstition and stupidity hedged them in on every side, so that sorcery and magic seemed the only means of winning power over nature or insight into mysteries surrounding human life.

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In every case of death from disease or unknown causes sorcery was suspected and an inquest held, at which the corpse was asked by each relative in succession the name of the murderer.

The story of St Paul's doings there illustrates this fact, and the sequel is very suggestive, - the burning, namely, of books of sorcery of great value.

They held that the body is mortal, and its substance transitory; that the soul is immortal, but, coming from the subtlest ether, is lured as by a sorcery of nature into the prison-house of the body.

At all events she had political importance enough to incur the hostility of Richard of Gloucester, afterwards King Richard III., who accused her of having practised sorcery against him in collusion with the queen and Hastings.

Autos-da fe were rare events; their victims were not as a rule serious thinkers, but persons accused of sorcery or Judaizing, nor were they more numerous than the victims of the English laws relating to witchcraft and heresy.

My sorcery tells me so.