Sentence Examples with the word sophisticated

Into this chaos, Katie had invited her sophisticated brother.

They made an attractive couple, both so sophisticated in appearance.

Now she was supposed to be an entertainment committee to a sophisticated fat cat.

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The love that is disguised in the deadly feud between Isolde and Tristan, before the drinking of the fatal potion, rises even above the music; the love-duet in the second act depends for its greatness on its introduction, before the lovers have met, and its wonderful slow movement (shortly before the catastrophe) where they are almost silent and leave everything to the music: the intervening twenty minutes is an exhausting storm in which the words are the sophisticated rhetoric of a 19th-century novel of passion, translated into terribly turgid verse and set to music that is more interesting as an intellectual ferment than effective as a representation of emotions which previous dramatists have wisely left to the imagination.

The palace contains no moat, or armed guards, nor do I detect any sophisticated security system.

In this world, all that data is processed using ever more sophisticated algorithms that apply the subjective values of each of us to the data and advise us on the wise decisions to make.

He was accustomed to being around sophisticated people - and she was anything but that.

And in regions such as these, sophisticated financial systems such as crop insurance, to mitigate against these possibilities, simply do not exist.

He sought the courts of Tuscany and Naples and tried to enlist Frank sympathies, inventing (probably) the curious myth, so often credited since, that the Druses are of crusading origin and owe their name to the counts of Dreux.1 1 Sophisticated Druses still sometimes claim connexion with Rosicrucians, and a special relation to Scottish freemasons.

Information plus sophisticated markets make this possible.