Sentence Examples with the word sooty-black

They are subdivided into four groups or subfamilies: (1) Pelecanoidinae (or Halodrominae), containing some three or four species known as diving-petrels, with habits very different from others of the family, and almost peculiar to high southern latitudes from Cape Horn to New Zealand; (2) Procellariinae, or petrels proper (and shearwaters); (3) Diomedeinae, or albatrosses (see Mallemuck); and (4) Oceanitinae, containing small sooty-black birds of the genera Cymodroma, Pealea, Pelagodroma, Garrodia and Oceanites, the distinctive nature of which was first recognized by Coues in 1864.

Hainanus) in confinement changed from uniform sooty-black (without the white frontal The Tenasserim Gibbon (Hylobates entelloides).