Sentence Examples with the word soothe

The keen sarcasm of his polished rhetoric was not calculated to soothe the susceptibilities of men already smarting under the deprivation of their most cherished illusions.

To soothe the irritation of England the due de Bouillon was sent to London to offer the hand of the kings sister to the prince of Wales.

Doubts, however, soon sprang up as to its effect upon the minds of Austrian statesmen, since on the 8th of November the language employed by Kllay and Count Andrssy to the Hungarian delegations on the subject of Irredentism was scarcely calculated to soothe Italian susceptibilities.

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This device was apparently intended to soothe Welsh national pride, by reviving in form, if not in reality, theseparate existence of the old Cymric state.

To soothe the populace and protect the frontier more was required than the resumption, as in all grave crises of the Revolution, of terrorist measures such as forced taxation or the law of hostages; the new Directory, Sieys presiding, saw that for the indispensable revision of the constitution a head and a sword were needed.

Everything in the room was geared to tease or soothe the senses, from the soft sheets to the dim lighting to the calming scents.

It counted for something but did nothing to soothe her anger.

Mancini exerted himself in a hundred ways to soothe French resentment.

This story is probably an attempt to conceal a great disaster and to soothe the vanity of the Romans by accounts of legendary exploits.

A scarcely less important service was rendered to the ministry by his Letter to the October Club, artfully composed to soothe the impatience of Harley's extreme followers.