Sentence Examples with the word sone

ARRAH, a town of British India, headquarters of Shahabad district, in the Patna division of Bengal, situated on a navigable canal connecting the river Sone with the Ganges.

Shortly after passing the holy city of Benares the Ganges enters Behar, and after receiving an important tributary, the Sone from the south, passes Patna, and obtains another accession to its volume from the Gandak, which rises in Nepal.

The lower, with an estimated thickness of only 2000 ft., or slightly more, cover a large area - extending, with but little change of character, from the Sone valley in one direction to Cuddapah, and in a diverging line to near Bijapur - in each case a distance of over loo m.

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Separated from this chain by the valley of the Nerbudda on the west, and that of the Sone on the east, the plateau of Malwa and Baghelkhand occupies the space intervening between these valleys and the Gangetic plain.

Metrically, the poem is characterized by frequent alliteration imposed upon the rhymed octosyllabic couplet: - Welcome, louerd, god of londe Godes sone and godes sonde (ii.