Sentence Examples with the word solving

But such a hypothetical simplicity is the necessary step for solving the more complex problems of nature.

Lagrange saw in the problems of nature so many occasions for analytical triumphs; Laplace regarded analytical triumphs as the means of solving the problems of nature.

When, therefore, the latter, on the 22nd, marched southward to reopen his communications by the defeat of the enemy's army, always the surest means of solving this difficulty, he actually reached the neighbourhood of Eckmuhl with a sufficient numerical superiority had he only been prompt enough to seize his opportunity.

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By solving k linear equations we similarly express the latter functions as linear functions of the former, and this table will also be symmetrical.

If you care about your fellow human being, you'll get a real buzz from solving patients' problems.

His first notable work was a proof of the impossibility of solving the quintic equation by radicals.

Analytically the elements are determined from these data by solving the four equations just given, regarding a, b, c and d as unknown quantities, and x, y, x', y' and t as given quantities.

Yet by his very mode of solving the problem he is led on to consider the nature of the world-process.

Cardan or Cardano, who was at that time writing his great work, the Ars Magna, could not restrain the temptation of crowning his treatise with such important discoveries, and in 1 545 he broke his oath and gave to the world Tartalea's rules for solving cubic equations.

I want to be able to focus on solving this problem, not worrying about what might be said or done to you.