Sentence Examples with the word solution

They may be prepared by dissolving or suspending a metallic oxide or hydroxide in water and saturating the solution with chlorine; by double decomposition; or by neutralizing a solution of chloric acid by a metallic oxide, hydroxide or carbonate.

The importance of these experiments from the point of view of the theory of solution, lay in the fact that they suggested the conception of a perfect or ideal semi-permeable partition, and that of an equilibrium pressure representing the excess of hydrostatic pressure required to keep a solution in equilibrium with its pure solvent through such a partition.

In ores containing much copper, this metal is largely concentrated in the lead button, making it hard, and necessitating repeated scorifications and, in some cases, a preliminary removal of the copper by solution of the ore in nitric acid.

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Cyclo-heptane carboxylic acid (suberanic acid), C7H13C02H, is obtained by the reduction of cyclo-heptene-I-carboxylic acid; from brom-cyclo-heptane by the Grignard reaction; and by the reduction of hydrotropilidine carboxylic acid by sodium in alcoholic solution (R.

It may be prepared by heating cuprous sulphide with sulphur, or triturating cuprous sulphide with cold strong nitric acid, or as a dark brown precipitate by treating a copper solution with sulphuretted hydrogen.

It is readily obtained as a white curdy precipitate by adding a solution of a chloride to a soluble silver salt.

When that was found, the solution of one problem would immediately entail the solution of all others which belonged to the same series as itself.

Another important conception connected with the preceding is the infinity of philosophy, which arises out of history and is as it were a reflection from history, varying at every moment and always solving a problem by placing alongside its solution the premise of a new history and therefore of a new problem and a new philosophy.

His exposition of the significance of synthetic judgments a priori, or his explanation of the function of imagery in relation to thought, whereby he offers a solution of the problem of the conditions under which one member of a group unified through a concept can be taken to stand for the rest, or again the way in which he puts his finger on the vital issue in regard to the alleged proof from essence to existence, and illustrations could be multiplied.

Chem., 1897, p. II) extracts the element from black tellurium as follows:- The ore is boiled with concentrated sulphuric acid, the solution diluted, hydrochloric acid added and the tellurium (together with selenium) precipitated by sulphur dioxide and the process repeated when a purer tellurium is obtained.