Sentence Examples with the word solid

It is a colourless solid and behaves as a dibasic acid.

Becomes in time, through different causes, solid rock.

At a small distance from the pulley the shaft carries a short frustum of a solid cone accurately turned to fit the hollow cone.

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The original top stratum is the purest, and each succeeding lower stratum has a greater proportion of impurities; the lowest consists largely of a solid or semi-solid alloy of tin and iron.

The materials mixed with the iron borings cause them to rust into a solid mass, and in doing so a slight expansion takes place.

If the area of the cross-section, in every position, is known in terms of its distance from one of the bounding planes, or from a fixed plane A parallel to them, the volume of the solid can be expressed in terms of the area of a trapezette.

Starting with a solid hydrocarbon of definite composition, it would be theoretically possible to decompose it entirely into carbon, hydrogen, ethylene and methane, and, by rapidly removing these from the heating zone before any secondary actions took place, to prevent formation of tar.

Other counter-strokes that his arrival had inspired were at the same time made from different parts of the defensive front, and had the effect of breaking up what was a solid line into a number of disconnected bands, each fighting for its life in the midst of the enemy.

Interpenetrating this descending column of solid ore, limestone and coke, there is an upward rushing column of hot gases, the atmospheric nitrogen of the blast from the tuyeres, and the FIG.

The density of solid sulphur is 2 062 to 2'070, and the specific heat 0.1712; it is a bad conductor of electricity and becomes negatively electrified on friction.